Thursday 1/10/13


This morning we kicked off the show revealing yesterdays Sounds of Sex. The loud moans came from two women tribbing in a tent! Woah. Then Kevin played us another clip for the day where the Sounds of Sex came from a man pile driving a woman.

We chatted with Tom Arnold who will be at the Brea Improv this weekend, Friday January11th – Sunday Jan You can purchase tickets here. Tom also shared his story on how he ended up at Comedy Central’s Roast of Roseanne!


We discussed the Six Surprising Ways You Can Be a Father. Here they are:

  1. A man receives oral sex from girlfriend, girlfriend saves sperm to impregnate herself later on
  2. Sperm travels from stomach to ovaries
  3. Man stops paying to free sperm, wife hoards up sperm and impregnates herself without mans consent
  4. You can legally be the father of a child that’s not yours and you knew nothing about
  5. Sperm donors can be ordered to pay child support after lesbian divorce
  6. Israeli solider dies, family sues for right to use sperm to make a child


 The Power Hour:

We kicked things off in the Power Hour with Mr. Skin and a lot of celebrity nudity! Then we welcomed Hit King, Pete Rose and his gorgeous fiancé Kiana Kim into the Mini Mansion! TLC steps up to the plate with a new six-part docu-series sharing the lives of professional baseball’s most loveable bad boy, Pete, and Kiana who is also a former Playboy model. The show follows Pete and Kiana as they blend their respective families and prepare for a new life together. “Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs.” premiers January 14th at 10/9 on TLC!  We wrapped up the show with our sexy model, Romi Rain  as our “Rackjack” dealer -our sexy twist on “Blackjack”!





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