Friday 1/11/13


We started off the show taking questions for Dr. Dropout! Then we discussed the women-only football league that plans to debut in April a new name and new uniforms. The Lingerie Football League announced Wednesday that it now is calling itself the Legends Football League. The uniforms will now be “performance wear,” instead of the lingerie that characterized its previous years. After that, the one and only Robin Leach joined in to give us all the dirt on Sin City!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour welcoming comedian, Bill Dwyer who will also be performing tonight at the Hollywood Improv at 8PM. Bill hung around for Total Bondage when SIX former Bond Girls joined us in the Mini Mansion, Diana Lee, Lana Wood, Serena Scott Thomas, Eunice Gayson, Trina Sparks, Tania Mallet and Caroline Munro! Then we had our own two models, Lindsey and Diana audition to be a future Bond girl by acting out a silly scenario with Bill, who we made our James Bond!

Andrea’s Weekend Titty Picks: Ravens, 49ers, Falcons, Patriots. 

Here are the original Bond girls:

Diana Lee- Hsu


  • Character: Loti, a martial arts, machine-gun toting Hong Kong narcotics agent
  • James Bond (1989): License To Kill with Timothy Dalton
  • She was also the solo dancer whose nude silhouette is featured throughout the film’s famous opening title sequence.
  • Diana is a Playboy Playmate Miss May 1988

 Lana Wood


  • Character: Plenty O’Toole
  • James Bond (1971): Diamonds Are Forever with Sean Connery
  • Lana appeared in the April 1971 Playboy issue, along with her poetry.

Serena Scott Thomas


  • Character: Dr. Molly Warm flash
  • James Bond (1999) : The World Is Not Enough with Pierce Brosnan
  • She was 38 when she appeared in The World Is Not Enough, while most Bond girls are generally under 30.

Eunice Gayson 


  • Character:  Sylvia Trench, James Bond’s girlfriend in the first two Bond films.
  • James Bond – “Dr. No”(1962) and “From Russia with Love”(1963) with Sean Connery
  • She is officially the very first actress to play a Bond girl.

Tania Mallet


  •  Character:  Tilly Masterson
  • James Bond (1964): “Goldfinger” with Sean Connery

Trina Parks


  •  Character: Thumper
  • James Bond (1971):  Diamonds Are Forever with Sean Connery
  • First African-American Bond Girl (was not romantically involved with James Bond, but still considered a ‘Bond Girl’ – she got to beat him up)

Caroline Munro


  • Character: Naiomi
  • James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore
  • Naomi, a speedboat- driving minder for the potentially hostile 007

Bond Girls1

James Bond 2

James Bond 3

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