Monday 1/14/13


We kicked off the show discussing last nights Miss America contestant, Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary. She confused crowds when she responded to a question about Marijuana legalization by saying the drug should only be used recreationally and medicinally.


Breaking Titty News: The year of the Underboob! Beyonce’s boobs were seen all over the cover of the new GQ!  Will the underboob become the newest trend??


Kristen James is the CEO & Founder of Kristen James Fitness, a company that’s focused on the client’s physical, mental, and overall wellness. Kristen is a New York-based exercise guru and calls her randy workout “50 Shapes Of Grey” and it utilizes moves that will help people of all levels of fitness work out all their body’s kinks in order to act out the book’s kinky encounters. There are 13 “sexercises” with titles like “bend-over-better,” “sexy scissors,” and “seductive squat,” all of which, she said, will translate to better, bolder sex. Ladies don’t forget to practice your kegels!!!

Before we headed into the Power Hour we heard several Good Naked/ Bad Naked stories!

kristen james


The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with our newest Playboy Playmate, Karina Marie! According to Karina, men who play the guitar are such a turn on, so Kevin created his own guitar solo for Miss January.  After that, we gave Karina her Playmate Pick Six. She answered six personal questions, such as, “What’s your favorite sexual position?” Her answer – on top! Of course, Karina got all of her questions right, for a perfect score! Check out the double Jan/Feb 2013 issue for more on this months Playmate! Then we had two beautiful models join us in studio to help us film our helpful Flu Prevention PSA. Our sexy Flu Survivors Britney and Lindsey gave several Flu Prevention tips like “get plenty of BED rest”, “drink plenty of fluids” and “be sure to wash up!” Don’t forget to get your flu shots too!





Girls 3


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