Friday 1/18/13


After hearing the latest news on Manti Te’o, people are curious if he will be falling into the arms of another fake girlfriend. A new Brazilian website has been discovered that allows you to buy a fake Facebook girlfriend.The web site offers four packages, as translated from Portugese into English by Google Translate: “Signifier,” “Ex-girlfriend,” “Girlfriend” and “Virtual Girlfriend.”


Then we spoke with Camilla Lombard from Good Vibrations who announced “Bling My Vibe” Sex Toy Crafting Contest. Bling My Vibe invites sex and art celebrities as well as members of the public to make an art piece using a simple Smoothie Vibrator. The public is invited to paint it, decoupage it, bejewel it, sew it an outfit, or otherwise get creative with the vibrator “canvas.” These arted- and tarted-up vibes will be displayed at the Good Vibrations Polk Street store in San Francisco during the month of March. For more information on Rules, Regs and winning prizes, follow their Facebook and Twitter via @GoodVibesToys  with the hashtag #blingmyvibe.


We got all the details taking place in Vegas this week from the one and only Robin Leach. View more at

FRIDAY AWARDS are back! Here are the categories: Confused Called of The Week, ABC Moment of The Week and Sexiest Moment of The Week!

The Power Hour:

We were thrilled to kick off the Power Hour welcoming Tom Sizemore into the Mini Mansion! Tom recently came out with a memoir, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There. The memoir is a deeply personal log of the acclaimed actor’s wild ride through Hollywood, fueled by his crippling addiction to methamphetamines, exposing the darkest side of fame and how one man found a path to recovery. You can buy a copy here. Then we had three models Tania, Nicole and Charlotte join us for Toga Yoga in studio where they created their own toga’s out of sheets, gold leaves and gold rope! Also joining us in studio was a professional yoga instructor, Jordan Carver, who demonstrated her moves to our models. The first move was a downward dog position! Check out Jordans sexy yoga DVD here. Andrea wrapped up the show with her Titty Picks for this weekend’s game. Andrea predicts the 49ers and the New England Patriots to play each other in this year’s 2013 Super Bowl!


togay time




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