Monday 1/21/13:


We kicked off the show with Andrea’s Birthday weekend recap! Then discussed how New Zealand has recently banned Sara Underwood’s sexy Carls Jr. Commercial.  Shame on them.


Bad economic times lead to more abandoned pets and Hurricane Sandy only made things worse. However, many homeless pets have some brand new advocates: NYC’s finest pole dancers. We spoke with Ajia Maximillian, a dancer, instructor and choreographer who contributed her time and skills to a no-kill fundraiser.


Then we got into Good Naked Bad Naked stories. Remember, if you come across nudity in the news and need help determining if it’s GOOD or BAD, email it to!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour welcoming our two models Romi and Kat as they prepared themselves to have their minds read. Then we brought in Kim and Jeff Bornstein to show off their incredible mind-reading performances. They have been astonishing celebrities such as Fergie and Nicolas Cage and have packed theaters worldwide with their mind-reading talents. In studio, Kim and Jeff demonstrated several acts on Kevin and Andrea while using dice and dollar bills. They also guessed specific numbers by reading Romi and Kat’s body language and looking into their eyes. You can watch Kim and Jeff at their upcoming appearances at the Magic Castle – January 22, February 12, 19 & 26 and the Acme Theater – January 23 & 30, February 6 & 13. We wrapped up the show as we tried to repair the damage Lance Armstrong has done to the sport of Cycling with our Tour de Pants-less race! Romi and Kat raced pants-less on tiny bikes through the halls of the studio. The girls fought their hardest to cross the finish line where we watched Romi come in first place!

Jeff and Kim

Girls 1

IN studio bikes



Girls 2


Girls stripping


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