Tuesday 1/22/13:


We kicked off the show discussing Mikel Ruffinelli, of Los Angeles, who boasts the world’s biggest hips  measuring more than eight feet round. She first started noticing that her hips were growing at the age of 22, just after the birth of her first child. Although her waist measures 40 inches, her 100 inch hips hold the record for being the largest in the world.

hIPS 1

hIPS 2

Scott Alexander our Games and Gadgets guru checked in with us to talk about all things tech!  Then we got into some Makin’ Bacon  (Part 1) where Andrea introduced Brandon the CEO and Founder of Seeking arrangement the largest dating site for those seeking mutually beneficial arrangements. This website specializes on relationships between a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy, and a Sugar Baby. There are hundreds of dating websites, but no other dating website is focused exclusively on helping the rich and successful meet the young and beautiful!

Then Kevin introduced his second part to Makin’ Bacon, which was the Bacon Shell Burger Taco! We got the juicy details from Tommy, the owner of  PYT, home to America’s craaaziest burgers, is located in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.


After that, we got to help name a Playmate’s SUPERbaby! What will @Jaime Edmondson‘s & @Evan Longoria‘s  offspring be called? Stay tuned!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with a Sexy Super Snack from a Sexy Super Girl! Kimberly taught us how to buy and scoop guacamole, topless, before the Super Bowl! Then we welcomed back Donnell Rawlings to the Mini Mansion to talk about the new season of his show “Guy Code” on MTV2.  Guy Cody tip # 1 never eat a banana in public. Guy Cody # 2 always apply chapstick using a fist! Then we had four models Kimberly, Nicole, Krystin and Lindsey join us in studio for Minute To Skin It! The first Minute To Skin It challenge was called Hooters Shooters where our models had to catch ping-pong balls between her breasts! The second challenge was Hula Hotties, where our models had to hula hoop two at a time inside the hoop! Last but not least, the third challenge of Minute To Skin It was Spit or Swallow, where the models had to transport playing cards using only their saliva and bodies! Stay tunes for what we have in store tomorrow!

sexy chef


Donell Rawlings

Girls 1


Girls 2






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