Wednesday 1/23/13


We started off the morning talking to Petter Kverneng from Norway who got his high school crush Catherine to agree to sleep with him if he secured one million Facebook likes. Kverneng said “It was meant as a joke for our group of friends,” but within a matter of hours, the solicitation gained over 1 million likes! Kevin and Andrea wanted to get to the bottom of things, so we chatted with Catherine, too! It’s hard to decide what will happen but we have encouraged them to keep what they promised.


We got some relationship advice from our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe! We talked about men who are not attracted to their girlfriend’s body due to loose skin, trust issues in relationships and much more!

Joanna Krupa joined us on the phone this morning, calling all the way from Poland. For starters, she agreed to “foster” Kevin – lucky guy! Joanna will be hosting Save A Friend’s Life Celebrity Poker Tournament, Sunday February 17,  which will be a Hollywood- style themed party for a good cause.


Then we played a round of “What Would Hef Do?” Today we asked if Hef was a play by the rules kind of guy.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour checking in with one of our Cyber Girl of the Year candidates, Megan Medellin! Also known to be our October 2011 RadioMate, Megan shared with us why she should be this year’s Cyber Girl winner! She added a bonus when she  masturbated on the phone for Kevin and Andrea! Vote here. Then we had another Sexy Super Snack tip from our sexy chef, Kimberly, who presented her secret chili and cheese dip. After that, we had our Playboy Casting experts, Sam and Kim join us in studio to give us a sneak peek at what actually goes on during a Playboy Casting Call. Rebecca, Krissy, Jenny and Emily joined us in studio for the casting process. After stripping down and telling us a little bit about themselves the girls made it to the next level of casting. Sam and Kim think the the four models are datable and Playmate material!



Casting Girls

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  1. Connor Schuman Says:

    Where can we watch this?

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