Thursday 1/24/13:


We heard a list of playmates that will be attending this year’s Super Bowl XLVII. Today we named Pamela Horton as our ‘official’ Super Bowl Correspondent!

 PMOM: Small Camera

Then we talked to Playboy contributor,  Michael Lockhart, about his article The Best of Detroit 2013 featured in the current 2013 Playboy magazine. The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit is on par with Paris and Los Angeles as one of the most important automotive events of the year, as much about highlighting the annual achievements of Motor City as it is a continuous launching pad for 2014. Michael broke down each car starting with the Best of Show BMW Concept 4 – Series Coupe! Of course, we had to discuss Andrea’s favorite car of all cars too, which is the most anticipated announcement of Detroit—the Corvette Stingray!



Party Joke Remix… REMIX!

1.)    How do you circumcise a hillbilly?

2.)    What did one gay sperm say to another?

3.)    What did the banana say to the vibrator?

4.)    Why are pubic hairs so curly?

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin kicked off the Power Hour giving us the rundown for this week in celebrity nudity. Mr. Skin gave us a sneak peek at Emmy Rossum’s blossoms, and he also shared the breaking news about Dakota Fanning’s first nude scene, coming soon! Then we had another Sexy Super Snack tip from our sexy chef Kimberly, who showed us how to “make” I mean order a pizza! Our sexy Aussie, Lauren Volker stopped by the studio to give us a recap on her “G-Shot” experience with Dr. Matlock. According to Lauren, her sex life has improved and so have her orgasms! Then we were thrilled to welcome the man behind it all Dr. David Matlock back to the Mini Mansion, a man who has seen over 100,000 vaginas!  Dr. Matlock joined us to talk about the “G –Shot” procedure with Lauren, our recipient. He even updated us on his newest invention you might want to check out. Since Dr. Matlock is the only  “Vagenius”  around here we wanted to see who knew the correct terms of the vagina by having our models Kimberly and Lauren with the addition of Sherra, (who is a lesbian), fill out a blank diagram of the human vagina. Most of the terms we incorrect according to Dr. Matlock, but the girls were on the right track!

Matlock and Lauren

Dr. Matlock diagram


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