Tuesday 1/29/13:


We kicked things off with Scott Alexander who gave us the latest on all Games & Gadgets! Scott told us that Apple released iOS 6.1, which is full of boring, self-serving updates!  He also told us how Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital, because he tried to eat like Steve Jobs! – An all fruitarian diet.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Then we spoke with a Sales Associate from Lindsay Ford of Wheaton about the Shelby mustang GT500! This car is capable of a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds and you can break most highway speed limits in first gear. Check out more information about this ride on page 112 in the January/February 2013 Playboy issue.


Today we also went Playwalking with a Playmate, Qiana Chase. We tried to find out if Qiana was familiar with Spanks, Nads and Living Social. Apparently a Surf N Turf consists of Fish and Chips!

The Power Hour:

This morning we kicked things off with our Playmate Game Correspondent, Pamela Horton! Kevin and Andrea gave Pamela a few tasks while she attends the Big Game -1. Earn some beads, 2. Eat a Po’ Boy and get a picture, 3. Have a wardrobe malfunction, and 4. Find a black man claiming to be a football player, who isn’t. We know Pamela will make us proud! Then we had another Super Sexy Snack Showdown with Chef Kimberly and returning Chef Lisa who presented their homemade Meatball recipes. Lisa returned to impress Kevin and Andrea with her turkey meatballs, but we had to send her home for good. Stay tuned for tomorrows Showdown! Next up was our American Dildo face-off with three contestants Victoria, Sarah and Erika. Each model had a solo performance while the other models had to distract them by using their dildos, tickling them. For example, Erika was our first contestant singing Danny Boy, but could barely sing past the first verse because of Sarah and Victoria’s strong vibrations on her breasts and inner thighs. Erika got Dildo’d!





Girls 1



3 Responses to “Tuesday 1/29/13:”

  1. where can i get that tongue vibrator

  2. Let Me Say That It Was Good And Great To See Erika Jordan On The Playboy Morning Show On Thursday January 17th And Tuesday January 29th. I Really Hope That I See Nor Watch More Erika Jordan On The Playboy Morning Show, Either Sometime Soon And/Or Sometime In The Future. I Wonder If Chef Kimberly Has (Have) A Facebook Page?, Well I Guess I Never Know. Also I Wonder If Chef Kimberly Has (Have) A Last Name?, Well Again, I Guess I Never Know.

  3. Also, Let Me Say That Erika Jordan Were Great, Excellent, Spectacular, Amazing, Awesome, Fabulous, Breathtaking, Fantastic, Terrific And Also Magnificent Too. That’s Definitely The Truth From Me.

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