Thursday 1/31/13


Ron Jeremy underwent heart surgery after being hospitalized due to an aneurysm near his heart. We are sending warm thoughts to him this morning.

Ron Jeremy Reuters 660

We spoke with America’s top sports betting expert from Las Vegas, Scott Pritchard, who will host “Get It and Bet It! How to Bet the Superbowl and WIN” – a comprehensive 4-hour sports betting workshop at Harrah’s Hotel Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, Saturday, February 2, Noon-4 p.m.  Joining Pritchard for this dazzling event is professional sports bettor “Dink”, who was portrayed in the popular movie “Lay The Favorite” by Bruce Willis. Scott has been featured frequently on ESPN Radio in Las Vegas and in the Las Vegas Review Journal, sharing his knowledge on sports betting and handicapping.  You can register here.


Then we spoke with Alan Morris, Sales Manager from Fletcher Jones Las Vegas about the ‘Hottest Roaster’ Mercedes Benz SL550.  The latest SL550 is a trim bolide with an all-aluminum body, tons of power and tire-melting torque. This roadster is capable of a 0-60 time in 4.1 seconds starting at $106,405! Check out more information about this ride on page 108 in the January/February 2013 Playboy issue.


CRIMES OF PASSION: We dissected a few stories, one of them involving a woman who pulled knives on a couple for refusing  to have a threesome at a trailer park, a Brazilian women who put toxic substances in her vagina to kill her husband, a man who bit off his girlfriends thumb on the way to a Taco Bell and  several more. YIKES!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with Andrea’s famous Lowell Down, discussing topics that involved ‘moobs’- man boobs and Chinese pole dancers who have been performing outside in the snow. Then we saw Chef Kimberly for another Super Sexy Snack Showdown along with a new challenger, Chef Hazel Lee. Chef Kimberly prepared us frozen honey and garlic chick wings by using her secret sauce and a blow dryer to heat things up. On the other hand, Chef Hazel misunderstood and presented us with onion ‘rings’ not ‘wings’. HA! Today’s Super Sexy Snack Showdown winner was Hazel Lee, -lets see what she brings us tomorrow for the final Super Snack! After that, we happily welcomed Jodi Miller and Leonard Robinson from Playboy TV’s ‘Foursome Walk of Shame’. The show premieres this Saturday, February 2nd through April 13th at 10:00PM. We checked in with our Big Game Correspondent, Pamela Horton who attempted to tell us how she earned her beads! Then we wrapped us the show with three sexy ladies who joined us in the Mini Mansion for Walk of Shame. It started off with Cristal Cray, Dorothy and Drea removing their clothes in bed. Once they were stripped down to nothing but blindfolds, the girls were spun several times and sent crawling  to try and dress themselves in their correct clothes!  Let’s just say this wasn’t their first time doing a “Walk of Shame.” Check these babes out.




More photos on the way!

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