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Friday 2/22/13

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Robin Leach, Granny Lowell, Oscar Titty Picks, and Author Jackie Collins

TGIF, Morning Show faithful! We had a great show today, and if you missed it (or just want to relive everything that went down), have no fear, we’re here to recap it for you.

This morning, we started off by musing what it would be like if everyone were naked all the time, and what impact female fighters will bring to UFC. After that, our good friend Robin Leach from phoned in to talk about re-branding the Palms, and the recent nightclub closure and shooting that occurred in Sin City.

Next, we gave a call to Granny Lowell over at her nursing home to talk about her relationship with Jackie Collins’ books. For our Friday Awards, we re-visited Ricardo the Pop-Shot champ to check and see if he wasn’t in hot water with the misses for coming on the show, but thankfully he got away with it.

Power Hour:

For the Power Hour, we brought in New York Times best-selling romance novel author Jackie Collins, to talk about her new book, “The Power Trip.” The book entails a Russian billionaire who takes his super model girlfriend to Cabo San Lucas, and their sexual encounters and exploits on the boat there. We also brought in our super hot models (and big Jackie Collins fans, if you know what we mean), Pamela, Alexa, and Paula to participate in “Jackie or Jackey,” where we acted out written scenes and tested Jackie’s knowledge of her own writing. Needless to say, she got a perfect score.

And to close out the show, we did our Oscar Lick-it, Stick-it, and Pick-it, to see who would bring home gold at the biggest award show of the year this weekend. According to the titties of our lovely models, Jennifer Lawrence, Denzel Washington, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Steven Spielberg will all be very happy by the end of the night. Have a good weekend everybody!

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Thurdsay 2/21/13

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Cheating Stories, Name that Narcotic, Anatomy Awards, and Uncle Ruckus

We started the show off today with a little bit of infidelity and stories of cheating (like how to identify your man with somebody else), and an underwear update (just to get things warmed up). Andrea gave us some pearls of wisdom when asked for dating advice: when it comes to relationships, always “suck a dick.” Concise, straightforward, and (dare I say) poignant?

In the next hour, we played a special little game called Name That Narcotic, where we were given scenarios and had to guess what substance the person  was abusing. Let’s just say this: stay away from those bath salts (even the ones for actual baths, just to be safe).

Power Hour:

Boom. And what a powerful hour it was today, we began with a little birthday wub wub for a special caller and then moved on to Mr. Skin‘s Anatomy Awards. It is award season here in Hollywood, so we thought we’d give out some statuettes to those brave souls who bared more than their soul in the past year. Helen Hunt, Sarah Silverman, and even Ke$ha took home prizes in various nakedness-related categories today.


Following our trip down the red carpet, we had a great moment in black history, and really all of history for that matter: we brought in a cartoon character in the flesh! How crazy is that?? It was none other than Uncle Ruckus, the self-proclaimed “black white man” from the popular Boondocks cartoon and comic, who dropped by to talk about the Uncle Ruckus movie he’s trying to finance. After that, Neal Brennan joined Ruckus to put our two lovely models, Amber and Sarah, in the Hot Seat and find out some of their kinkier fetishes.

girls1 girls2


Group 1

Wednesday 2/20/13

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Bad in Bed, Playboy Advisor Q&A, Filthy Forecast, and the Rise of the Nerd

Hello Playboy Morning Show Faithful! We have a great show to recap for you today. We began with some sex advice in the form of “Signs you’re bad in bed.” For instance, if you don’t move a whole lot, rely on alcohol to get people to sleep with you, or give your partner anything resembling a backache, you may want to work on your form a little bit. But, hey, practice makes perfect, right?

After that, we brought in Chip Rowe, our Advisor over here at Playboy who answered some very pressing questions that we had about our sexual endeavors. If you’ve ever wondered what snapper organs are, how far you should go to please your love, or had your girlfriend steal all your boxers and force you to run low on underwear, at least know this: you’re not alone.

Power Hour:

To start the Power Hour, we called upon Andrea’s skills as a meteorologist in our Filthy Forecast, to give you the low-down on what to expect this week weather-wise across the entire U.S. We’re having lots of crazy weather lately, so, depending on where you are, stay dry/wet/warm/cool/watch out for floods/plagues of locusts/etc.


Following that, we brought in Curtis Armstrong, from the new TBS show “King of the Nerds,” although you might know him better as Booger in the movie “Revenge of the Nerds.”  Aside from talking about his show, we also touched upon the growing trend in female tastes: the attractiveness of nerds. We here at the Playboy Morning show want to be the first to extend  warm congratulations to our muscle-impaired, big-brained friends. Your wait is finally over. Way to hang in there.

But! In order to really test this hypothesis, we brought in lovely model Lauren Bree and Miss June 2012 Amelia Talon to extrapolate their “NQ” or “nerd quotient,” in the advanced nerd fields of pocket protectors and wedgies. These ladies really unleashed their inner nerd, and have embraced the weird in this new trend, and we say more power to them. Long live the nerd!


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Tuesday 2/19/13

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Games and Gadgets, Sounds of Sex, Orgasm Secrets, and Topless Slam Dunks

This fine morning we started things off by going over some women topics, and touching on the age-old truth that men “spend a lifetime watching women.” It’s an indisputable fact, and you heard it here first (or read it, whatever). After that, we showered nerds everywhere with good news: there is a trend among playmates that they are finding “geekier” guys more and more attractive these days. It’s about time, right guys? And speaking of nerds: we brought in our resident Game and Gadget expert, Scott Alexander to talk about the future of gaming. He let us in on the various things that were coming down the line, such as the PS4, new HTC phones, and more significant games for tablets.

In our second hour, we played a “rousing” (see what we did there?) game of Sounds of Sex, where you guess the sound.  Then we were joined by self-proclaimed “butt guy” Jorge Perez all the way from Madrid, Spain. After that, we talked with Mary Roach (writer for Stiff, and Bonk, among other things), who gave us 10 things we didn’t know about orgasms. For instance, there has been signs of in-utero masturbation for the first time, and studies have shown that orgasms can cure the hiccups.

Power Hour:

For everybody’s favorite power hour, we began by having our models warm up for their Topless Slam-Dunk challenge, and then drove hard to the paint for the Lowell Down. A caller challenged Mr. Skin’s assertion that Helen Hunt did not use a fake hair for her recent nude scene, so we’ll have to wait to hear from Skin about that later on in the week.


After that, we decided we needed a little bit of help judging these dunks, so we brought in our professional Pop-a-Shot champion (having defeated countless NBA stars at their own game), Ricardo Reyes. We began our topless Slam-Dunk challenge by introducing our gorgeous models, Zie, Mollie and Lindsey.

models 1

The first round began with a free-form make-your-own dunk, with Lindsey coming out on top with a high score of 24 from the judges. Next, we facilitated some comraderie by having a team alley-oop round, and then began the final imitation round, where the girls recreated (so to speak) famous contest dunks of the past from the likes of Spud Webb, Vince Carter, and of course Michael Jordan.


The results of our 4th annual Topless Slam-Dunk contest came in as… A tie! Between all three girls, because, really, how can anybody lose when they’re topless, right?


Monday 2/18/13:

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This morning we heard several Good Naked/ Bad Naked stories, in fact one of them included a streaker! Mark Roberts, the world’s most prolific streaker, has stripped for the last time. For two decades, the Liverpudlian father-of-three has been the Usain Bolt of the naked dash. Mark Roberts is giving up streaking after two decades. The 48-year-old has spent 30 nights in police cells, and has streaked a total of 519 times!


The Power Hour:

Today we kicked off the Power Hour chatting with our new Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year 2013, Jennifer Vaughn!  That means more pictorials and more steamy videos!  This blonde bombshell who hails from Houston, Texas told us last year that she believed the Playboy brand stood for “Beautiful, empowered women,” and we believe she embodies all those qualities and so much more.

Jennifer Vaughn

Then we talked to Larissa, the Special Events Manager from Petit Ermitage Hotel about the new Menage a Trios package. You can spoil your lovers with a night of frolicking that begins with a bottle of Champagne and two double headed lollipops.  Entertain yourselves in your suite with a complimentary erotic film and a game of twister. Package starts from: $325/night including a complimentary third person and 2pm late checkout. This package will be available through the entire month of February.


Finally, we wrapped up the show catching up with our good friend, Verne Troyer. Verne gave us a recap on the 3rd annual Streamy Awards he presented. The awards show honored excellence in original online video programming and those who create it.  



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Give us your best caption for the cartoon below…

CarToon Up

Friday 2/15/13:

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Chip-Gate, Fake Sites, Friday Awards, and Teats vs. Tweets

Today we kicked off the show by continuing our valiant fight to bring justice to the recent controversy surrounding our own Kevin and the Lay’s chip company: otherwise known as “Chicken and Waffle Chip-Gate.” We held a taste test and determined that the Garlic Bread was the least of an “abomination” (to quote Andrea on the subject). Will America agree? Time will tell.

Next we tested our knowledge of obscure dating sites from around the web. The good news for any STD folks out there, is a real site for people with the same diseases to “get together.” Unfortunately,, the dating site for horses is 100% fake. For now…

For the Friday awards, we gave out the coveted smooth talker of the week award to our good friend Pillow Dan. We also gave the most awkward conversation award to Asians in restaurants, and the sexiest award to our very own cyber girl of the year.

Power Hour:

We began our very special power hour today with a visit from our old friend Brody, and after he helped us cover the week in sex, we started a “rousing” game of Teats vs. Tweets, between Brody and our two gorgeous models, Nicole and Tania. After doing their best to describe what best to do with day-old Valentine’s edible underwear, and masturbation (naturally), Brody was declared the winner.


We rounded out the show today with a visit from a Mike Boutin, of “Weed Country,” which airs on the Discovery Channel. He enlightened us about the behind-the-scenes activities in the marijuana-growing trade while our models built a pillow fort to protect themselves from the possibility of another Russian meteor blast.





Thursday 2/14/13:

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This morning we talked to Ian Kerner, Ph.D a sexuality counselor and New York Times best- selling author of numerous books. We talked to Ian regarding his CNN article, Do you have great ‘sexpectations’ for Valentine’s Day?


We checked in with Pillow Dan, who gave us Valentines Day tips on how to treat your girl.  Then the T & A Team returned to help save the Erotic Fortune Cookies. Those hoping to get a prediction of love from their next fortune cookie may be out of luck: The Brooklyn-based food company responsible for producing the largest share of the country’s fortune cookies has decided to no longer make certain messages with romantic themes.

Straight Talk also returned today when Producer Jaron, called Barbara Berg, creator of Ring Shui – a kind of feng shui of the fingers that has the potential to transform dating lives. Are the men and women in your audience pushing away love without meaning to?

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin kicked off the Power Hour giving us the rundown for this week in celebrity nudity. Mr. Skin gave us a sneak peek at Helen Hunts full nude shot from The Sessions, Nadine Velazquez racy lingerie shots and Olivia Wilde’s most recent sex scene.

After that, we met our four desperate contestants for “Win a Date with a Playboy Model.” We had Kyle, Irregular Ed, Nathan, and Jillisa Lynn come in to compete for the hearts of our two gorgeous models, Chelsea and Renee.



In order to narrow down the competition, the girls asked the contestants a bevy of questions, such as “If we were conjoined twins, how would you separate us?” (best answer: “consult a specialist”), “What sexual position would we explore if you were to win?” (best answer: “The Reuben” or “Trio Stack”) and ” If your junk were an animal, which one would it be?” (best answer: “big”).

Even with all this interrogating, the ladies couldn’t decide, so they declared a tie and both Kyle and Jillisa Lynn were allowed to go on the romantic QUADRUPLE date, complete with champagne, complimentary breakfast, and professional harp player. After a little bit of spying from Kevin and Andrea, the date was over and all four daters came back into the studio and painted each other with chocolate, as is Valentine’s Day tradition here at Playboy.



Wednesday 2/13/13:

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Like every Wednesday our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe has returned to talk about shot etiquette, stomach pains after sperm ejaculation and ring shopping before marriage. Hopefully the questions were answered to everyone’s concerns.

We chatted with star, creator, producer, writer & all around badass, Mindy Kaling from “The Mindy Project.” If you’re a big fan tune in on Tuesdays at 9:30PM ET/PT on FOX.


The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour welcoming star of 2 Broke Girls, Matthew Moy in studio! You can watch him Monday’s at 9/8c on CBS. Born and raised in San Francisco, Moy told us about his Super Bowl promo with Doritos, so we gave him a sneak peek at our PLAYBOY version of our Dorito commercial. Then we introduced two beautiful models, Sherra and Lexi to join us for the Chinese New Year countdown. Then Kevin and Andrea pitched Playboy-themed spin offs of “2 Broke Girls” to Matthew, involving Sherra and Lexi. Andrea wrapped up the show by titty picking our future Pope!






Tuesday 2/12/13:

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We chatted with Shelly Waguespack, the owner of Pat O’Briens Bar in New Orleans. Through the years Pat O’Briens has been and always will be an important part of New Orleans. Shelly told us the history on their most famous drink called the Hurricane. The fruity red concoction was created during World War ll and is one of the most sought after souvenirs in New Orleans.

Pat O briens  glass_hurricane500

If you’re a nerd, you’re in luck! We had Scott Alexander join us today to share the latest in games, gadgets and more! ‪Apple is supposedly working on a phone prototype, the company is developing a smart watch that would run on the same iOS operating system that powers iPhones, iPads and some iPods. Then we got inside the mind of Hugh Hefner to play “What Would Hef Do?”


Jaron presented us with another Great Moment in Black History. Today’s moment was the invention of the Jerry Curl.

It was a pleasure to welcome back Pricasso who has a very unique style of painting. Pricasso paints portraits using his Penis as a brush at shows all over the world. He prefers to use water based paints on a smooth surface. If you need a special and unique gift for this Valentines Day, check out Pricassos art work!


The Power Hour: 

We kicked off the Power Hour talking to Adam Carolla! His new podcast with Dr Drew, The Adam and Dr. Drew show is now available for download. Adam also told us all about his delicious drink MANGRIA, which has become a number one seller.

Adams upcoming show’s:
February 13 – LIVEPODCAST w/ David Alan Grier – Irvine, CA Irvine Improv 8:00 pm
February 16 – REUNION TOUR w/ Dr Drew – Santa Barbara, CA Lobero Theater 7:00 pm
February 19 – LIVEPODCAST– Pasadena, CA The Ice House 8:00 pm
Then we started our Mardi Gras Parade to celebrate Fat Tuesday with four very hot models, Ali Rose, Krissy, Jenni and Krystin! The girls entered the Mini Mansion dressed in beads and other crazy and fun Mardi Gras embellishments. Then we introduced Stephen Domingue from Ragin’ Cajun Food Trucks who brought an assortment of foods to join the party. Andrea even drank some of his hottest sauce from the bottle! Then, we wrapped up the show with our models confessing their sins to Kevin and Andrea while earning more beads! 
Girls 1
Group 1