Thursday 2/7/13:


 Watching TV for too long ‘cuts male fertility by half’.

This morning we spoke with Dr. Audrey Gaskins, the study leader from Harvard School of Public Health told us young men who watch TV for just three hours a day have half the sperm count of men rarely found in front of the box. Men who exercised for 15 or more hours weekly at a moderate to vigorous rate had a 73 per cent higher sperm count than those who exercised less than five hours per week. Mild exercise did not affect sperm quality.

We also spoke with Roman Coppola, who grew up in the world of filmmaking, and has developed his directing skills by working in multiple capacities; from sound recordist to cinematographer, from writer and producer to inventor. Roman is currently is nominated for an Academy Award for Original Screenplay, alongside Wes Anderson, for the film Moonrise Kingdom. Roman is featured in Playboy’s March 2013 issue regarding his new film “A GLIMPSE INSIDE THE MIND OF CHARLES SWAN.” His film is set in 1970’s stylized Los Angeles and Charlie Sheen’s character would definitely have been a Playboy reader.

Another Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year 2013 candidate, Kari Natuique joined us on the phone to win her votes! Hopefully this year will be a blondie! Kari, former Cyber girl of the Month for June 2012 is a voluptuous blonde with blue eyes, her dream is to become a Playmate! 


Coco Brownis currently training to be the first porn star to go into outer space ! Coco, who is based in Germany, said the opportunity to go where no porn star has gone before is being provided by SpaceXC. This private company in the Netherlands is attempting to make private space travel viable by Spring of next year.


The Power Hour:

This morning Andrea kicked off the Power Hour telling us about T- String panties from a brand new lingerie brand, Chrysalis Lingerie. Then we welcomed one of Andrea’s fantasy girls, and also Playboy’s January/February 2013 cover model, Paz de la Huerta. We got to play “Who Knows Paz’s Body Best” where Kevin, Andrea and Paz had to identify which part of Paz’s body was displayed when the camera was zoomed in on her. Andrea was on a roll with all of her correct guesses. Then we wrapped up the show with three sexy girls, Canon, Danielle and Tania, who stripped down showing of their beautiful bare bodies for a game of Chicktionary! Since Paz has such an artistic ability to paint, Kevin, Andrea and Paz each had one model to present their best paint job on, like a canvas. Today’s drawing was a picture of Jack Nicholson, and we all knew Paz definitely won the game of Chicktionary!


Paz 2



2 Responses to “Thursday 2/7/13:”

  1. Robert Ashbrook Says:

    Paz is either not very bright or she was so fucked up today..sounded like she was on a crack binge last night

  2. Is Andrea pregnant?

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