Monday 2/11/13:


Bang With Friends: Facebook Sex App

This morning we discovered a new Facebook Sex app called “Bang With Friends” created by three college-aged males. Have you ever wanted to have sex with your Facebook “friends?” The app, which launched a week ago and had already gained more than 20,000 users in four days, is aimed at matching users with potential partners who don’t want to beat around the bush.


We spoke with another Cyber Girl of the Year 2013 candidate, Ashley Zeitler. Our sexy blonde from San Antonio, Texas waits tables at Hooters. She is at your service and always with a smile. The winner will be announced this Friday February 15th so make sure to vote here!


The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour welcoming back one of our favorite funny guys, Michael Kosta, into our NEW Mini Mansion for the first time. You can see Michael appearing Feb. 14th – 16th at Joey’s Comedy Club in Livonia, MI. Then Andrea gave us her very famous and informative Lowell Down just before we met three beautiful models. Next, we played a round of Hefardy – just like Jeopardy, but with only three beautiful models as contestants. Romi, Tawny and Cody tested their smarts in categories such as: Playboy Parties, Playmates of the Month, The Hef Word, The Big O, International economics and The Wetter the Better!  Instead of hitting a buzzer to have the first turn, our models had to state their names and eventually flash their boobs as quickly as possible.

Michael Kosta 1

Michael kosta 2


Girls 1

Michael kosta 3


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