Thursday 2/14/13:


This morning we talked to Ian Kerner, Ph.D a sexuality counselor and New York Times best- selling author of numerous books. We talked to Ian regarding his CNN article, Do you have great ‘sexpectations’ for Valentine’s Day?


We checked in with Pillow Dan, who gave us Valentines Day tips on how to treat your girl.  Then the T & A Team returned to help save the Erotic Fortune Cookies. Those hoping to get a prediction of love from their next fortune cookie may be out of luck: The Brooklyn-based food company responsible for producing the largest share of the country’s fortune cookies has decided to no longer make certain messages with romantic themes.

Straight Talk also returned today when Producer Jaron, called Barbara Berg, creator of Ring Shui – a kind of feng shui of the fingers that has the potential to transform dating lives. Are the men and women in your audience pushing away love without meaning to?

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin kicked off the Power Hour giving us the rundown for this week in celebrity nudity. Mr. Skin gave us a sneak peek at Helen Hunts full nude shot from The Sessions, Nadine Velazquez racy lingerie shots and Olivia Wilde’s most recent sex scene.

After that, we met our four desperate contestants for “Win a Date with a Playboy Model.” We had Kyle, Irregular Ed, Nathan, and Jillisa Lynn come in to compete for the hearts of our two gorgeous models, Chelsea and Renee.



In order to narrow down the competition, the girls asked the contestants a bevy of questions, such as “If we were conjoined twins, how would you separate us?” (best answer: “consult a specialist”), “What sexual position would we explore if you were to win?” (best answer: “The Reuben” or “Trio Stack”) and ” If your junk were an animal, which one would it be?” (best answer: “big”).

Even with all this interrogating, the ladies couldn’t decide, so they declared a tie and both Kyle and Jillisa Lynn were allowed to go on the romantic QUADRUPLE date, complete with champagne, complimentary breakfast, and professional harp player. After a little bit of spying from Kevin and Andrea, the date was over and all four daters came back into the studio and painted each other with chocolate, as is Valentine’s Day tradition here at Playboy.



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