Tuesday 2/19/13

Games and Gadgets, Sounds of Sex, Orgasm Secrets, and Topless Slam Dunks

This fine morning we started things off by going over some women topics, and touching on the age-old truth that men “spend a lifetime watching women.” It’s an indisputable fact, and you heard it here first (or read it, whatever). After that, we showered nerds everywhere with good news: there is a trend among playmates that they are finding “geekier” guys more and more attractive these days. It’s about time, right guys? And speaking of nerds: we brought in our resident Game and Gadget expert, Scott Alexander to talk about the future of gaming. He let us in on the various things that were coming down the line, such as the PS4, new HTC phones, and more significant games for tablets.

In our second hour, we played a “rousing” (see what we did there?) game of Sounds of Sex, where you guess the sound.  Then we were joined by self-proclaimed “butt guy” Jorge Perez all the way from Madrid, Spain. After that, we talked with Mary Roach (writer for Stiff, and Bonk, among other things), who gave us 10 things we didn’t know about orgasms. For instance, there has been signs of in-utero masturbation for the first time, and studies have shown that orgasms can cure the hiccups.

Power Hour:

For everybody’s favorite power hour, we began by having our models warm up for their Topless Slam-Dunk challenge, and then drove hard to the paint for the Lowell Down. A caller challenged Mr. Skin’s assertion that Helen Hunt did not use a fake hair for her recent nude scene, so we’ll have to wait to hear from Skin about that later on in the week.


After that, we decided we needed a little bit of help judging these dunks, so we brought in our professional Pop-a-Shot champion (having defeated countless NBA stars at their own game), Ricardo Reyes. We began our topless Slam-Dunk challenge by introducing our gorgeous models, Zie, Mollie and Lindsey.

models 1

The first round began with a free-form make-your-own dunk, with Lindsey coming out on top with a high score of 24 from the judges. Next, we facilitated some comraderie by having a team alley-oop round, and then began the final imitation round, where the girls recreated (so to speak) famous contest dunks of the past from the likes of Spud Webb, Vince Carter, and of course Michael Jordan.


The results of our 4th annual Topless Slam-Dunk contest came in as… A tie! Between all three girls, because, really, how can anybody lose when they’re topless, right?


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