Wednesday 2/20/13

Bad in Bed, Playboy Advisor Q&A, Filthy Forecast, and the Rise of the Nerd

Hello Playboy Morning Show Faithful! We have a great show to recap for you today. We began with some sex advice in the form of “Signs you’re bad in bed.” For instance, if you don’t move a whole lot, rely on alcohol to get people to sleep with you, or give your partner anything resembling a backache, you may want to work on your form a little bit. But, hey, practice makes perfect, right?

After that, we brought in Chip Rowe, our Advisor over here at Playboy who answered some very pressing questions that we had about our sexual endeavors. If you’ve ever wondered what snapper organs are, how far you should go to please your love, or had your girlfriend steal all your boxers and force you to run low on underwear, at least know this: you’re not alone.

Power Hour:

To start the Power Hour, we called upon Andrea’s skills as a meteorologist in our Filthy Forecast, to give you the low-down on what to expect this week weather-wise across the entire U.S. We’re having lots of crazy weather lately, so, depending on where you are, stay dry/wet/warm/cool/watch out for floods/plagues of locusts/etc.


Following that, we brought in Curtis Armstrong, from the new TBS show “King of the Nerds,” although you might know him better as Booger in the movie “Revenge of the Nerds.”  Aside from talking about his show, we also touched upon the growing trend in female tastes: the attractiveness of nerds. We here at the Playboy Morning show want to be the first to extend  warm congratulations to our muscle-impaired, big-brained friends. Your wait is finally over. Way to hang in there.

But! In order to really test this hypothesis, we brought in lovely model Lauren Bree and Miss June 2012 Amelia Talon to extrapolate their “NQ” or “nerd quotient,” in the advanced nerd fields of pocket protectors and wedgies. These ladies really unleashed their inner nerd, and have embraced the weird in this new trend, and we say more power to them. Long live the nerd!


girls2 photo (5)

photo (8)

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