Thurdsay 2/21/13

Cheating Stories, Name that Narcotic, Anatomy Awards, and Uncle Ruckus

We started the show off today with a little bit of infidelity and stories of cheating (like how to identify your man with somebody else), and an underwear update (just to get things warmed up). Andrea gave us some pearls of wisdom when asked for dating advice: when it comes to relationships, always “suck a dick.” Concise, straightforward, and (dare I say) poignant?

In the next hour, we played a special little game called Name That Narcotic, where we were given scenarios and had to guess what substance the person  was abusing. Let’s just say this: stay away from those bath salts (even the ones for actual baths, just to be safe).

Power Hour:

Boom. And what a powerful hour it was today, we began with a little birthday wub wub for a special caller and then moved on to Mr. Skin‘s Anatomy Awards. It is award season here in Hollywood, so we thought we’d give out some statuettes to those brave souls who bared more than their soul in the past year. Helen Hunt, Sarah Silverman, and even Ke$ha took home prizes in various nakedness-related categories today.


Following our trip down the red carpet, we had a great moment in black history, and really all of history for that matter: we brought in a cartoon character in the flesh! How crazy is that?? It was none other than Uncle Ruckus, the self-proclaimed “black white man” from the popular Boondocks cartoon and comic, who dropped by to talk about the Uncle Ruckus movie he’s trying to finance. After that, Neal Brennan joined Ruckus to put our two lovely models, Amber and Sarah, in the Hot Seat and find out some of their kinkier fetishes.

girls1 girls2


Group 1

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