Friday 2/22/13

Robin Leach, Granny Lowell, Oscar Titty Picks, and Author Jackie Collins

TGIF, Morning Show faithful! We had a great show today, and if you missed it (or just want to relive everything that went down), have no fear, we’re here to recap it for you.

This morning, we started off by musing what it would be like if everyone were naked all the time, and what impact female fighters will bring to UFC. After that, our good friend Robin Leach from phoned in to talk about re-branding the Palms, and the recent nightclub closure and shooting that occurred in Sin City.

Next, we gave a call to Granny Lowell over at her nursing home to talk about her relationship with Jackie Collins’ books. For our Friday Awards, we re-visited Ricardo the Pop-Shot champ to check and see if he wasn’t in hot water with the misses for coming on the show, but thankfully he got away with it.

Power Hour:

For the Power Hour, we brought in New York Times best-selling romance novel author Jackie Collins, to talk about her new book, “The Power Trip.” The book entails a Russian billionaire who takes his super model girlfriend to Cabo San Lucas, and their sexual encounters and exploits on the boat there. We also brought in our super hot models (and big Jackie Collins fans, if you know what we mean), Pamela, Alexa, and Paula to participate in “Jackie or Jackey,” where we acted out written scenes and tested Jackie’s knowledge of her own writing. Needless to say, she got a perfect score.

And to close out the show, we did our Oscar Lick-it, Stick-it, and Pick-it, to see who would bring home gold at the biggest award show of the year this weekend. According to the titties of our lovely models, Jennifer Lawrence, Denzel Washington, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Steven Spielberg will all be very happy by the end of the night. Have a good weekend everybody!

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