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Friday 3/29/13

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Happy Good Friday, all! (Is that something people say? Should it be “Somber Good Friday”? Whatevs…) Anyway, we had a killer show (too soon?), so let’s re-live it all again.

We started by asking our lovely models what they’re good at on this Good Friday. Let’s just say we use the word “good” in the loosest sense… you know what we mean, blowjobs and foreplay and stuff like that. We help to make your Good Friday a Great one.

After that, we went into the Week in Sex, and broke down what happened in this crazy world this past week (sexually speaking, of course).

We also talked to our old friend Robin Leach, of, to tell us what’s going on in our favorite city. Everybody from Britney Spears, to the cast of “Splash” came up in conversation, but really, when is it a bad time to be in Vegas?

Wrapping up the hour, we brought in last week’s winners of March Badness to square off once again. This time it was Jade Rose and Ali Rose, who tried their best to be the baddest, having sex on a “red eye” flight and in the Playboy Mansion itself. Exciting stuff, but we didn’t stop there, oh no. We brought in Amber to help us really get a visual on what went down in these stories by helping our contestants act out their stories. Let’s just say this March Badness just got even badder. Badder? More bad? Yeah, more bad.

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Thursday 3/28/13

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Good Morning, chaps and chapettes! We had a ripping good show today. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Thursday means one thing for certain: Mr. Skin! Our old pal phoned in to discuss what the deal is this week in celebrity nudity. Everything from Hollow Man on Blu-Ray to The Borgias on Showtime has a little bit of nakedness come up, and we’re here to make sure you don’t miss a single frame.

Following that, we had Brian Switek, a bona-fide Dinosaur Sex Study Researcher (yes, those exist apparently) call in to us to discuss how our prehistoric friends got down ‘n dirty in the Jurassic. For a visual “aide,” we thought it would be nice to have our super sexy “dino-babes” Gigi and Annette come in and act out the sexual positions as they were described. For science.

But that’s not all! We continued in our tournament of naughtiness and brought in Maria and Tania to compete in the first game of Round Two of March Badness. The stories of personal trainer sex and doubling down in one night were too close to call on our own, so we brought in our expert, last year’s queen of March Badness, Danielle, to give us her very valuable opinion. Who will be crowned the victor and continue the March to Badness Greatness? Only time will tell…



Wednesday 3/27/13

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How goes it, folks? It’s hump day (our favorite day) here at the Morning Show, and we had more than a few surprises on the docket to celebrate the week being halfway over…

For the astute observers in our ranks, you may have noticed that the beautiful woman sitting next to Kevin was a little different today… that’s because we had a special guest host, Pamela Horton! Miss October 2012 was really a treat and we appreciate her joining us (especially so early in the morning…).

Following that, it was the last game of the first round of March Badness, and we had Victoria and Veronica square off and regale us with tales of girl-on-girl head-smashing and backseat shenanigans interrupted by the police. Who will come out on top? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow as we begin Round Two!

We also talked on the phone quickly to the makers of Origami condoms, which they say are going to revolutionize the industry, and let’s just say they make a pretty convincing case for their product. Will this be the innovation that Bill Gates is looking for?

We rounded out the show today with one of our favorite games: Know It or Show It! We tested the knowledge of our first two models, with the addition of Danielle, against their wager of their clothing. Everything from Gay Marriage to Tiger Woods was subject for questioning today, and, as always, YOU won, by getting to watch. Good going, you.

Tuesday 3/26/13

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Hello and welcome back! It’s Tuesday, which means… well, it doesn’t really mean anything, BUT we still had an awesome show today! So let’s get to recappin’.

We started the show off this morning by discussing a study that was testing whether men and women found their friends’ partners more or less attractive, at a cerebral level.  We also talked about what Andrea would look like if she had jet black hair, and how different people incorporate wigs into the bedroom.

After that, it was time to continue on in our March Badness tournament. As we are coming close to the end of our first round, today we had two new lovely ladies step into the Mini Mansion to square off. Today’s models were Moe and Molly, who both fought back and forth valiantly, but to find out which one gets the buzzer-beater, we’re going to have to wait until tomorrow. The tension is killing us.

From there we jumped into the Lowell Down, where we learned (yes, we learn things here too) that someone has invented an alarm clock that can shock you awake and that if you want to drink and drive legally, a small town in Ireland is the place for you (good luck).

As you may or may not have heard, Bill Gates (yes, that Bill Gates) is offering whoever can revolutionize the condom a 100,000 dollar start-up grant and a MILLION dollars after that to invent their product. We brought back our March Badness ladies, along with new girl Jamie, to see if they could get Mr. Microsoft’s attention by building a better condom. After everything from paint to cotton balls, we had some pretty bomb-ass condoms if we do say so ourselves. Your move, Bill… Your move.


Monday 3/25/13

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Happy Monday, everybody! We hope your weekend was filled with as many naughty stories and nice endings as ours. Our show today was a real doozy, so let’s get down to brass tacks.

We kicked the show off today by checking out Andrea’s trip to the Playboy Mansion on Saturday night to attend their masquerade ball. Let’s just say the masks were the least revealing article of clothing in attendance…

Following that trip down weekend memories lane, we dove into Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we covered the coverage on news stories and decided that man waving nakedly at school from a field= good and getting a massage from a guy with a super creepy mugshot= bad.

It continues! That’s right, it’s time for “March Badness,” and we had two new contestants in this round 1 showdown: Niko Bella and Samantha. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the results, because this one is definitely the closest so far.

After that, we brought in Andrea’s escort from the Playboy Masquerade Ball, Danielle, to help us do some Sex-Myth Busting. We brought out the lab coats, glasses, clipboards, and a pepper shaker to deduce whether or not sneezing seven times in a row is equal to the feeling of an orgasm. We didn’t reach a conclusion, but watching a girl sniff pepper off of another girl proved oddly satisfying… More tests will need to be conducted.


Friday 3/22/13

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Good morning Playboy faithful! We had such a kick-ass Friday show for you today, it’s not even funny. But it was also super funny. So there’s that.

We started off by calling and chatting with Nico Tortorella, one of the stars of Fox’s “The Following”, about the show and what we can expect from the crime thriller in the near future…

We continued along with our March Badness, with Ali Rose and Emily Rose competing with their bad girl stories of three-ways in Mexico and sex in the U.S. capital building. Wild stuff.

After that, we had a super special guest, the one and only Snoop Lion visited the Mini Mansion and talked about his new movie (“Reincarnated”), his new album, and everything weed. He was a real treat, and he also stuck around for our next segment, “The World’s Sexiest Bud-tender.” What’s a bud-tender you ask? Why, someone who works at a weed dispensary, of course. We had the lovely ladies Aria, Victoria, and Veronica, come in and tell us their favorite strands of marijuana, and the special bribes their shops would give Snoop if he picked them. In the end, though, Snoop decided that they were all winners and that, when it comes to green, sometimes it can be easy.

snoop lion

Kevin & Andrea


Thursday 3/21/13

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Howdy, ya’ll! We jammed a lot of awesome stuff, amazing people, and sexy babes into today’s show, so let’s round ‘er up.

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: time for the Mr. Skin minute. Our good friend Skin called in to let us know which celebs are getting naked, and he revealed that Kristen Stewart and Leslie Mann are bearing all on Blu-Ray this week.

Following that, it was Round 1 of our “March Badness” double-header between Jade and Ericka, where they squared off to see which of them was more of a bad girl.

Then, we tracked down and chatted with Andrew Wardle. If you’re wondering who that is, you’re not alone. Brace yourselves: he’s the man born without a penis. Zero. None. But don’t worry! He’s getting his first replacement (at age 40), made from skin from his arm! Wild stuff, but good for him.

Finally, we brought in Eric Roberts, actor in more than 280 movies, to talk about his new movie coming down the line, “Silver Case.” Eric was nice enough to stick around for an extra minute to guest referee the second match in our double-header of “March Badness.”

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Wednesday 3/20/13

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Hola, Morning people! We had a kick-ass show today and we wanna tell you all about it, so pull up a chair and let us begin.

We started things off with a bang… or should we say a zip? It is reported that over 17 thousand men injure their “parts” every year when zipping up their pants. Yeeouch! Be careful, guys. Don’t worry, it gets less traumatic from here on out.

We had the privilege to be visited by our Miss April 2013, Jaslyn Ome, who stopped by the mini mansion to let us get inside  her head and see what makes her tick. We started with a rousing game of “Who Knows Her Body Best?” where we zoom in super close on images from the current Playboy magazine, and see who can guess the body part first. After that we went with a lightning round of the Playmate Pick Six.

Following all this excitement, we continued going down the bracket in our “March Badness,” where Gigi, Sarah, and Amber all gave their best bad-girl stories in hopes of moving on to the next round of the tournament. With a little help from our Playmate, we narrowed down a winner, but it’s still anyone’s game.

Tuesday 3/19/13

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Good morning, one and all, and welcome back to another installment of the Playboy Morning Show, live on Playboy TV and streaming live on We had a good one for you today, so let’s get to it.

On the show today, we brought in our good friend Jo Koy to discuss his stand-up tour and his show this weekend at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. Fancy stuff. We also had him “defend his people” after it was discovered that there is a new trend in China, where women have begun wearing panties on their faces. Fancier stuff? We weren’t so sure. Jo also helped us break down the Lowell Down, where more than one person had misused a firearm, and (if you’re good in groups) you can apparently go to Mars in 8 years. One small step for man, one giant leap to never coming back to Earth.

It’s late March, and that means it’s time to continue our annual March Badness contest, where women come in and compete by telling their “baddest” story. Today we brought in Krissy and Tania, to go toe-to-toe. Who wins? We want to know what you think. Let us know on twitter, and help decide who moves on to the next round!


Monday 3/18/13

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Good morning! If you’re anything like us, you needed a little extra something to get over yesterday’s shenanigans. Lucky for all of us, we had just the thing.

We started off the show today by discussing whether we allow ourselves to be bossed around by certain holidays and talk what alcohol to drink (like Irish whiskey on St. Paddy’s), and the true story of the man with no penis. But don’t feel bad for him, he has apparently slept with over 100(!) women.

After those rousing topics, we brought in comedian Josh Wolf to talk about his new book and what it’s like to be a single dad trolling for booty. Josh also stuck around and helped us judge the stories of our lovely models Annette and Maria in the first round of the Morning Show’s annual March Badness! Who will move on to be bad another day? You’ll have to stick around to find out.