Monday 3/4/13

We’re back! That’s right, we’re back from our week-long vacation and we’re all better tanned for it. But, back to the grind, as they say, and what a grind we had today (if you catch our drift).

We started today’s show off by talking with Skinny Vinny about his love life, and then Andrea filled us with her orgasm recap from our week away (from a rental car passenger seat, a Vegas shower, and everywhere in-between), which Kevin followed with a harrowing  tale of smoking too much pot and getting paranoid.

Following that, we plugged the Belmont Stakes “Place Your Bets” sweepstakes that you can find out more about at After this, we dove right into our Good Naked/Bad Naked stories, had Kevin call his mom, and discuss the “mistress school,” which instructs wives on how to be good mistresses. Moms need to take classes sometimes, too.

Power Hour:

For the power hour today, we tried to satisfy both mind and body by doing mental and physical “exercises.” For the mental portion, we brought in author and sexologist Jaiya, who can literally think herself to orgasm, to coach us on how we can too! Lucky us. She says that mental orgasms are the top rated, so we put her theory to the test and brought out our lovely models Jennie and Chelsie to try her techniques right here in the studio.



But that’s only half the story. For the physical portion of our workout we brought in Owen McKibbon to demonstrate “The Rack,” a weightlifting device that you can use to tone any part of your body, which our models demonstrated as well. Finally, we brought mental and physical together to do some post-workout thinking/breathing/orgasm-ing just to really synthesize both parts of the “exercise” show. Phew.





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