Tuesday 3/5/13

Good morning, good morning! We had a great show for you today, and we’re here to recap it just to say we told you so. So here we go: We kicked things off this fine day by discussing Early Johnson’s collection of porn with callers, and then checked in with Scott Alexander, for our games and gadgets segment. The highlight was the sexy new Tesla 4-door concept car. After that, we chatted with Jose Mariano Lopez, CEO of Zero2Infinity, and rocket scientist who you can read more about in the March issue of Playboy.

We moved into our next hour with a call from Windell Middlebrooks, who talked about his show “Body of Proof” which returns tonight on ABC, so check your local listings for that awesome program. From here, we came upon the topic hereinafter referred to as “Vasectomies in March,” which began when we discussed Willy Staley’s article in this month’s Playboy about why ’tis the season to get snipped.


Power Hour!

Continuing with the March issue of Playboy, which you should definitely check out on shelves everywhere, we brought in the lovely Miss March, Ashley Doris, the very first Playmate from Connecticut (about time, right?). We asked the super smokin’-hot Molly to help us out with our Playmate Pick-Six, and had Ashley pick questions off of her body and allow us to get to know her better (like, why all her ex’s flee to Canada, or why getting picked up in elevators is the way to go).



Following that, we brought in Brandi Glanville, former housewife of Beverly Hills and current New York Times number one best-selling author of the book “Drinking and Tweeting.” She did make  the worst-dressed list at the Oscars, but she’s also a huge proponent of the power of vaginal rejuvenation, so we feel like we can forgive her. To close out the show we brought in an ER medical doctor, and a NASA scientist to join Brandi and put their expertise up against Ashley in our segment, Are You Smarter Than Miss March? It was a well-fought battle of wits, but in the end, our Playmate proved that she’s more than just a pretty face.




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