Wednesday 3/6/13

What a wild ride today’s show was! Whoa, loads of crazy stuff went down, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

We started things off by congratulating Holly Madison on having her baby! Then we investigated the meaning of “transvaginal” (it has nothing to do with crossing the Atlantic, apparently) and introduced Kevin’s new brand of cologne: “Nothing.” After that, we heard from Amanda Chatel who gave us the run down on how to prepare for your first orgy, and how she got started with her multiple partner experimentation in a “romp” with two French men. You’d be surprised how many orgies start that way.

From there, we moved the discussion away from orgies and into the land of bondage (but more on that later…). We then went Playwalking with a Playmate, and brought in comedian Ian Bagg, who has his own show on Sirius XM channel 160, and he helped us go through the Lowell Down.


Power Hour!

This power hour was something a little bit different from what we’re used to… but we liked it. We had Ian stay with us and also brought in Robert Davi, of the Goonies and James Bond villainy fame, to promote his new Frank Sinatra album, tour, and new movie “Ice Man.”


From there, we turned the Mini Mansion into a bona fide dungeon, as we brought in icy dominatrix Princess Donna Dolore, from the show “Public Sex, Private Lives.” As her assistant we brought in the awesomely hot Brina to have Donna demonstrate how some of these props work. We even got to get Kevin and Andrea involved in a test of the “shocker!”


Even Ian helped out a little bit (but can you blame him?). All in all, it was a fantastic celebration of 50 years of “Bond”-age.



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