Thursday 3/7/13

Howdy there, Playboy Morning Show faithful! Here’s what went down in the Mini Mansion today.

For starters, we talked to super tough female UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, only to find out that not only is she still having sex before every fight, but now she’s trying to gain weight by eating buffalo wings and pie.Being an MMA fighter is starting to sound pretty awesome, right?

We exited the Octagon and went into the fabulous world of Playbay, where Playboy-themed paraphernalia is on the market. Today we had everything from an ashtry, leather pants, and even two (!) working pinball machines, all decked out with our little bunny.

Power Hour!

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: we got a call from our good friend Mr. Skin, helping you find all the “good parts” in movies that haven’t even come out yet. Check out to see the photos we mentioned on today’s show.

After a grueling Pun on Pun session with Mr. Skin, we moved on to a game we like to call “Truth or Bare.” For this game we brought out our lovely models Mariela, Charlotte, and Kimberly to try and convince Kevin and Andrea that the story they’re reading belongs to them. It was a close match and hard to tell who came out on top, but, whenever people lose clothes everyone wins.



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