Friday 3/8/13

TGIF! Well, the weekend is upon us once again.

For starters, we asked an age-old question: do all girls.. have a good side? Apparently, when it comes to taking photos, one side is better than the other. After that we chatted with Barry Fey, author of “Backstage Past,” where he recounts his time as a promoter and dishes out the exclusive, never-before-heard stories of rock bands like Led Zeppelin, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ozzy, U2, the Rolling Stones, and many more. Kick ass!

We had Robin Leach with us in the studio today to talk about what’s going down in Sin City this weekend, and there’s a something for everyone: NASCAR, placenta eating, Wild Women of Wrestling, a new pool at Mandalay Bay and Playmate of the Year Clair Sinclair were all brought up as big players on the famous Vegas strip. We also touched upon the trashiest place for Spring Break, and also dished out our Friday Awards.


Power Hour!

As you (hopefully) will remember this Sunday, it’s Daylight Savings Time. So for your benefit, we gave you some helpful reminders throughout the show in the form of “Daylight Savings Time: Just the Tips.” This included everything from replacing your vibrator batteries with your smoke alarm batteries, and (so that you’re not late) wrapping it up. Don’t say we never do anything for you.


Our guest today was the one and only Jim O’Heir, most popular for his portrayal of Jerry on the NBC show, “Parks and Recreation,” Jim is also a big time player in the sketch comedy world, being featured on sites like Funny or Die numerous times.


From there, we played one of our old time favorite games: position impossible. With no less than five beautiful models, Dorothy, Krystin, Ali, Krissy, and Emily. After exhausting their sexual position prowess, the winner was declared as…YOU! Yes, that’s right, you, now go out and enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to Spring Forward (we like the sound of that).




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