Monday 3/11/13

Happy Monday, everybody! Hopefully you’re recovering well from springing forward this weekend. To help ease you into this new time-frame, we had a kick-ass show for you.

Today we began by announcing a brand-spanking new Playboy Radio will be starting up next week. Sad to say, this is our last week on Sirius XM, but have no fear! We will still be bringing you all of your favorite morning topics and discussions streaming online at This is especially cool, because now we can reach our dirty talk to so many more eager ears.

Besides this big news, we also touched on Secret Menu items (such as Starbucks and McDonald’s), and also the new trend in workplaces to build “work beds” for afternoon fatigue. Whether or not these beds will be able to support more than one person remains to be seen (but we give it three days, tops).

After that, we turned to you, the listeners, to find out exactly what you think about our switch to streaming, and how you can now have Playboy Radio downloads, phone streaming, etc. Once the air was cleared about all that, we turned to Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we dished out a couple of Bad Nakeds right off the bat to the “Thong Bandit” and the naked woman who hid a gun in her vag.

Power Hour!

For the Power Hour today, we began the first round of Playboy’s Papal Con-cleavage, with our sexy cardinals Cody, Katie, Amber, and Sarah. The ladies discussed Morning Sex vs. Night Sex and Dirty Talk: better to say or better to hear. A consensus was not reached, and thus, the Con-cleavage must continue on until a unanimous decision is made.

Following this riveting debate, we brought in “World’s Greatest Extra” and G0-Daddy commercial star Jesse Heiman, to talk about what it was like making out with Bar Rafaeli (apparently she had chocolatey and minty breath) and how it feels to go from being called “Man Peach” to being one of the most recognizable nerds in the industry today. We also tested out (with the help of our sexy models) what would make the 34-year-old (who doesn’t look a day over 14) blush the most.


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