Wednesday 3/13/13

Good Morning, Playboy faithful. Here’s the recap of what went down in the Mini Mansion today…

We began by touching on the changes coming to the show, namely the fact that we are switching from Sirius XM radio and moving to streaming online at, although you’ll still be able to see us on Playboy TV. We also discussed cinnamon’s effect on spicing up the sex drives of men (and we do mean the spice, not some random stripper), and Andrea discussed her all-nude photoshoot experience and the preparation involved for that (shaving, among other things).

Following these rousing topics, we chatted with Chip Rowe, our Playboy Advisor, and asked him pressing quandaries such as “When is the best time to breakup?” and “How do I thrust as fast as my man?” Pressing indeed. We also chatted with the inventor of the “sex cereal”… So there’s that.

Power Hour!

We continued to search for light, for truth, for the answers… to our overtly sexual questions in our Papal Con-Cleavage! Our lovely ladies Paula, Destiny, Caitlin, and Romi broke down their confessions and what they think of cheating with the same sex. Following that, we brought in Jamie Kennedy, from the show “Oh Sit!” on the CW, and had him be our celebrity life-line for the always entertaining Know It or Show It.




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