Friday 3/15/13

Top 0′ the mornin’ to ya! That’s right, ya’ll, it’s St. Patty’s a little early here at the Playboy Morning Show, and we celebrated in style.

Right off the bat, we had our lovely bartender friend Heather Storm drop by and continually feed our hosts awesome St. Patty’s themed concoctions. She can even make kale taste good, and that’s saying something.

After that we had Brad Williams, our resident leprechaun come in and chat with us about his stand-up tour and also give us a helping hand with the week in sex.

But we were just getting warmed up… First, we brought in our smokin’ hot models Brittany, Canon, and Kat one at a time to answer questions and see if they could crawl their way to the end of the rainbow for an awesome prize. Little did they know that when they reached the “Box o’ Gold” at the end of the rainbow, Brad was waiting to pop out and scare them for trying to steal his leprechaun gold. Needless to say, it was a pretty textbook St. Patty’s day if we do say so ourselves.




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