Wednesday 3/20/13

Hola, Morning people! We had a kick-ass show today and we wanna tell you all about it, so pull up a chair and let us begin.

We started things off with a bang… or should we say a zip? It is reported that over 17 thousand men injure their “parts” every year when zipping up their pants. Yeeouch! Be careful, guys. Don’t worry, it gets less traumatic from here on out.

We had the privilege to be visited by our Miss April 2013, Jaslyn Ome, who stopped by the mini mansion to let us get inside  her head and see what makes her tick. We started with a rousing game of “Who Knows Her Body Best?” where we zoom in super close on images from the current Playboy magazine, and see who can guess the body part first. After that we went with a lightning round of the Playmate Pick Six.

Following all this excitement, we continued going down the bracket in our “March Badness,” where Gigi, Sarah, and Amber all gave their best bad-girl stories in hopes of moving on to the next round of the tournament. With a little help from our Playmate, we narrowed down a winner, but it’s still anyone’s game.

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