Thursday 3/21/13

Howdy, ya’ll! We jammed a lot of awesome stuff, amazing people, and sexy babes into today’s show, so let’s round ‘er up.

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: time for the Mr. Skin minute. Our good friend Skin called in to let us know which celebs are getting naked, and he revealed that Kristen Stewart and Leslie Mann are bearing all on Blu-Ray this week.

Following that, it was Round 1 of our “March Badness” double-header between Jade and Ericka, where they squared off to see which of them was more of a bad girl.

Then, we tracked down and chatted with Andrew Wardle. If you’re wondering who that is, you’re not alone. Brace yourselves: he’s the man born without a penis. Zero. None. But don’t worry! He’s getting his first replacement (at age 40), made from skin from his arm! Wild stuff, but good for him.

Finally, we brought in Eric Roberts, actor in more than 280 movies, to talk about his new movie coming down the line, “Silver Case.” Eric was nice enough to stick around for an extra minute to guest referee the second match in our double-header of “March Badness.”

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