Thursday 3/28/13

Good Morning, chaps and chapettes! We had a ripping good show today. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Thursday means one thing for certain: Mr. Skin! Our old pal phoned in to discuss what the deal is this week in celebrity nudity. Everything from Hollow Man on Blu-Ray to The Borgias on Showtime has a little bit of nakedness come up, and we’re here to make sure you don’t miss a single frame.

Following that, we had Brian Switek, a bona-fide Dinosaur Sex Study Researcher (yes, those exist apparently) call in to us to discuss how our prehistoric friends got down ‘n dirty in the Jurassic. For a visual “aide,” we thought it would be nice to have our super sexy “dino-babes” Gigi and Annette come in and act out the sexual positions as they were described. For science.

But that’s not all! We continued in our tournament of naughtiness and brought in Maria and Tania to compete in the first game of Round Two of March Badness. The stories of personal trainer sex and doubling down in one night were too close to call on our own, so we brought in our expert, last year’s queen of March Badness, Danielle, to give us her very valuable opinion. Who will be crowned the victor and continue the March to Badness Greatness? Only time will tell…



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