Wednesday 3/27/13

How goes it, folks? It’s hump day (our favorite day) here at the Morning Show, and we had more than a few surprises on the docket to celebrate the week being halfway over…

For the astute observers in our ranks, you may have noticed that the beautiful woman sitting next to Kevin was a little different today… that’s because we had a special guest host, Pamela Horton! Miss October 2012 was really a treat and we appreciate her joining us (especially so early in the morning…).

Following that, it was the last game of the first round of March Badness, and we had Victoria and Veronica square off and regale us with tales of girl-on-girl head-smashing and backseat shenanigans interrupted by the police. Who will come out on top? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow as we begin Round Two!

We also talked on the phone quickly to the makers of Origami condoms, which they say are going to revolutionize the industry, and let’s just say they make a pretty convincing case for their product. Will this be the innovation that Bill Gates is looking for?

We rounded out the show today with one of our favorite games: Know It or Show It! We tested the knowledge of our first two models, with the addition of Danielle, against their wager of their clothing. Everything from Gay Marriage to Tiger Woods was subject for questioning today, and, as always, YOU won, by getting to watch. Good going, you.

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