Friday 3/29/13

Happy Good Friday, all! (Is that something people say? Should it be “Somber Good Friday”? Whatevs…) Anyway, we had a killer show (too soon?), so let’s re-live it all again.

We started by asking our lovely models what they’re good at on this Good Friday. Let’s just say we use the word “good” in the loosest sense… you know what we mean, blowjobs and foreplay and stuff like that. We help to make your Good Friday a Great one.

After that, we went into the Week in Sex, and broke down what happened in this crazy world this past week (sexually speaking, of course).

We also talked to our old friend Robin Leach, of, to tell us what’s going on in our favorite city. Everybody from Britney Spears, to the cast of “Splash” came up in conversation, but really, when is it a bad time to be in Vegas?

Wrapping up the hour, we brought in last week’s winners of March Badness to square off once again. This time it was Jade Rose and Ali Rose, who tried their best to be the baddest, having sex on a “red eye” flight and in the Playboy Mansion itself. Exciting stuff, but we didn’t stop there, oh no. We brought in Amber to help us really get a visual on what went down in these stories by helping our contestants act out their stories. Let’s just say this March Badness just got even badder. Badder? More bad? Yeah, more bad.

 photo (3)

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