Monday 4/1/13

Happy April Fool’s Day everybody! Hope you’re enjoying your pranks and not getting in too much trouble (just enough). We had an awesomely spectacular show today, and that’s no joke. Check it.

We tried our best to do an April Fool’s Day prank by saying that, instead of sex and what-not, we’d instead talk about the looming North Korean missile crisis. We fooled no one.

After that, it was March Badness time. Our lovely models Sedona and Tania came in and tried to out-bad each other and that one Louisville player who exploded his leg. Seriously, though, did you see that? It was crazy. Anyway, we are moving closer and closer to the end of our naughty tournament, with the final four-some just around the corner.

We segued from this time-honored tradition, to another one here at the Morning Show: Good Naked/Bad Naked. Another week means another plethora of news stories from which to express our judgment on whether the nude act was justified or not.

We know we’re a day late, but isn’t that why you love us? That’s right, it’s an Easter-style celebration here at the morning show! We had our first two models back in and also brought in Chelsea and Karla to participate in our Sexy Easter Egg hunt. After they found all the eggs they could, they opened them, and had to do whatever the egg decried. That’s how Easter works, right? Spankings, ice-y nips, everything was fair game. If Jesus were around, we’re pretty sure he’d be pretty proud.


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