Tuesday 4/2/13

It’s a super Tuesday here at the Playboy Morning Show, and we treated it as such! Let’s discuss…

We started the show off talking about yesterday’s April Fool’s joke Andrea played on Kevin, where his make-up (as you may have noticed) was a bit more… shall we say “bronze” than usual. But it was decided upon that he actually looked much better and healthier that way, so you may be seeing more tanned hide in the future (and not just of the spanking variety).

After that, it was time for the world-famous Lowell Down. We broke down the sexiest news from around the world, including Beer-flavored Ice Cream (what’s sexier than that, right?), and the fact that erectile disfunction medication can also be used to combat altitude sickness. So now you can go out and buy Viagra and hike all the day long! Or just stick to sex. Either way.

Then! We were very excited to have Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard (of “Super Troopers” and “Beerfest” fame) come in to talk about their stand-up special “Fat Man, Little Boy,” which is out on Netflix right now.


We also took advantage of their obvious knack for film-making by having a little session of what we like to call “Playboy’s Casting Couch,” where beautiful models come in and pitch movie ideas to people with the power to give the green light. Kimberly, Valerie, Krystin, and Kat all came in and pitched stories varying from a direct rip-off of “Super Troopers,” to a coming-of-age vampire flick called “We’ve Come to Suck Your Dick.” Look for it in theaters this fall!


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