Friday 4/5/13

TGIFF, amiright?? It’s Friday and that means the weekend is all but upon us, and we celebrated accordingly down here in the Mini Mansion…

We kicked things off by teasing the definition of what has become the most popular sexual trend in America… “dogging.” How tantalizing…

Robin Leach then joined us on the phone to speak about all things Vegas (and a few things dogging). Robin gave us the l0w-down on the show “Splash,” and Michael Jordan’s golf outing, all adding up to what should be one busy weekend in Sin City.

In the studio today, we welcomed back one of our regulars, Michael Kosta! He’s got a couple of shows this Saturday at the Hollywood Improv, so check one of them out if you’re in the area (he’s a funny guy, we promise). He helped us break down the Week in Sex (everything from naughty cops to naughtier referees), and helped us remember Dutch currency before the Euro! Ah, memories.

Following that, it was time for the first match-up in the Final Four of March Badness. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, just four lovely ladies are left, but only one can be crowned the true champion. Today we had Maria and Molly square off in a test of bad behavior, with Micheal Kosta guest ref-ing. Who will move on to the championship round? You’ll have to wait and see…

Also, “dogging” is apparently when, like, a bunch of people meet for stranger sex and other people watch in cars. Like a drive-in movie, except with sex. Hey, whatever floats your boat, so to speak.

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