Monday 4/8/13

Happy Monday, everyone. We know that sounds suspiciously like an oxymoron, but we’re here to make it so!

We started off the show today by hearing how Andrea finally ended her dry spell, and then went straight to the phones to talk to Jorg Sprave from Who’s Jorg, you ask? Well, it just so happens that Jorg is our new friend from Germany who has invented a new device that allows men (or women, if they felt like it) to shoot condoms onto their penises. Yes, it’s a condom gun, and we here think that with some of Bill Gates’ money backing this thing, it could really take off.

We moved from there to our March Badness finale show! We had two match-ups today to finally figure out who is the baddest girl on the block this year. But before we began, we wanted to pay tribute to those whose brackets had been busted this year, by doing our version, the “Bra-cket Buster.” Our lovely model Kim tried doing jumping jacks to see if her bra would bust out. Unfortunately it did not, but there were more trials to come…

Our first March Badness round of the day was the last two of the Final Four-play: Ali Rose vs. Sedona. It was a hard-fought battle between mutual bathtub handies and back-door KISS escapades, but after much deliberation, Ali Rose came out on top. That left us with only one match to go, but we had to try at least one more Bra-cket Bust round with Kim, who chose the exercise ball this time and had success! Just goes to show you, exercise is good for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is it: the Finals of March Badness between Molly and Ali Rose. After the stories were told and the votes cast, it was decided that… ALI ROSE was the winner of the 2013 tournament of naughtiness! She got to cut down the fishnets and for a full year reigns supreme.


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