Tuesday 4/9/13

Hola amigos! Bienvenidos a un otro Playboy Morning Show muy bien. Why is this in (broken) Spanish? Because it’s a Lucha-tastic Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, that’s why!

We kicked things off by going through the Lowell Down. We broke the news of everything from a landromat panty thief to Jesse Pinkman’s jalopy being for sale. Also, if you’re going to go to jail, make sure it’s in Russia… the bars on the cells are wide enough for a truck to slip through unnoticed.

But the special guests today are what made the show what it was: Lucha-riffic! We brought in wrestlers (and bitter rivals) RJ Brewer and Solar along with Alex Abrahantes to translate and provide some commentary and back-story on the storied franchise of Lucha Libre USA. Apart from having shows in Los Angeles, Texas, Arizona, and Chicago on their next tour, they talked a little bit about their reasons for fighting: it all comes down to immigration! Wow, an education and a smackdown? Now that’s entertainment.

We brought in our super hot models Krissy, Mary Jane, and Ericka to demonstrate their new lucha-personas: The Panty Puncher, Lights-out Lola, and Lingerie Lucha to battle in a feat of leg-wrestling. The winner, by a leg, was the much smaller Lights-out Lola! Just goes to show you when it comes to Lucha wrestling, sometimes big things come in small packages.


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