Wednesday 4/10/13

Happy Hump Day! We had a good day AT WORK today (to get why that joke is funny read on…)!

We opened the show today by talking about “Extreme Kidnapping” with Owner and Media Consultant Adam Thick. Get this: you can pay people to kidnap you for up to 36 hours! If that’s what gets your rocks off, for a starting price of $500 and up, you too can get kidnapped by either men or women of your choosing. Sounds exciting, in a pseudo-life-threatening kind of way…

From there we brought in Danny Masterson and Adam Busch from the TBS show “Men At Work” (now you get why that joke was funny, in theory). The two guys came in to talk about the new season of the show and what we can expect from Milo and the gang in the coming episodes.

If you’re not familiar with “Men at Work,” the four main guys all work at a magazine. This got us to thinking: we’re a magazine! Duh. So we had the guys test their mettle with a gauntlet of Playboy mag-features. Firstly, we brought in our lovely models Emily and Lindsay to be our mannequins as the guys picked clothes off of our rack in the wardrobe round. After that, we brought in Samantha to serve as our questioner while the guys tried to be the best Playboy Advisors. Finally, we brought in all the previous models plus Eva to be part of our one on one photoshoot. Who’s the better photographer? Well, that’s up to you!

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