Tuesday 4/16/13

Happy Tuesday, Playboy Morning Show faithful! We had an extra-special show for you today, as we continued our week-long guest host carousel with a little help from funny man Sam Tripoli!

We started off the show by talking about obsessions with the word “butthole,” and why magicians make for a bad mushroom trip. Just business as usual here in the Mini Mansion.

After that, we brought in another very funny individual: Erik Griffin, who plays Montez Walker on Comedy Central’s “Workaholics.” We chatted with him about all things comedy and if you want to check him out this week, he’s going to be touring in the Midwest, so check him out.

Next, we brought in our super smokin’ hot models Chloe and Krystin to get to know them a little better and see if anyone has ever described them as… “funny”? That’s right, we wanted to test their comedy chops and sent them out of the studio for tutelage from Erik.

The Lowell Down! Things making news this week are coaches who take lingerie football wayyy to seriously (it’s just a game, man), and how one woman got her late husband to leave her a boob job and boy toy in his will (something smells a little fishy there, right?).

Finally, we brought Erik and the gals back in to test out jokes from past issues of Playboy and see if they could get a chuckle out of us here in the studio. We’ll be honest… they did a pretty good job! Although, it did help that they didn’t have clothes on. Maybe that’s the secret to comedy: nudity always works.


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