Wednesday 4/17/13

Happy Hump Day, folks! We had a special show today, where we continued our guest host carousel by welcoming on comedian Josh Wolf!

We started the show today by talking about how times have changed in terms of high school sex, and comparing Josh and Andrea’s spouses. A close competition, for sure.

Next, we skyped and chatted with our Miss Social for March 2013, Taryn Maria. She’s our first Canadian Miss Social, and has agreed to shoot both nude and non-nude in her photo session coming up later this month. That’s the best news we’ve heard all day.


After that, we talked with Robin Leach, our old friend from, to talk about the upcoming Rolling Stones show and to defend their honor when the question of their age came up. Robin knows that the Stones have still got it after all this time.

To close the show, we brought in our smokin’ hot models Leia and Nikki to play the world’s longest-running naked game show: Know It or Show It! The girls were able to test their trivial knowledge against the categories of British, Baseball, GMO’s and Josh Wolf himself! The game ended the way it usually does: bare bodies and exposed minds. Smiles all around.

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