Thursday 4/18/13

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Let’s get drunk!!! Ok, maybe not yet… but soon. We had another super special show today, as we were joined by the fabulous, the hilarious, the beautiful Trish Suhr! For the first time ever, the Playboy Morning Show was hosted by two women! Estrogen is in the air, and we’re making history.

We kicked off today’s show by talking with our good friend Mr. Skin, to give us the low-down on which parts of our favorite movies and TV shows we should fast-forward to this week. According to him, Game of Thrones once again did not disappoint, and Nurse Jackie finally made his nudity list. In with the new… keep the old.

After that, we talked about how people in Denmark hate the word vagina so much… they’re letting people test their hands at re-naming it. According to them, the word itself and any subsequent slang term are just not cutting it any more, but if you ask us, this should be handled by more delicate hands… like ours! We opened up the phones for some suggestions, and let’s just say that if they were any indication, we’ve got some pretty damn good ideas.

Following that, we brought in our special guest for the show: the D.O.C. If you’re not familiar with him, you need to read up on the origin of west coast hip-hop. D.O.C. used to run with Easy E and Snoop back in the day, and still produces studio albums for up-and-comers and pros alike out of his home base of Dallas, Texas. If you want to read more about D.O.C., check out “Ghost in the Machine” on page 78 of the most recent Playboy.

We here at the Morning Show just couldn’t let the opportunity of having such a keen eye in the rap game in our midst and not ask for a few pointers. For that, we held a “Hip-Hop Hottie” competition by bringing in our sexy would-be rappers Lisa, Destiny, and Mariela to show us what they’ve got in three different categories: rapping, wet t-shirt, and twerking. After the dust (and all of us) had settled, Mariela came out on top. Wait for her debut album to drop next fall, ya’ll.

photo (3)

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