Monday 4/22/13

Happy Monday, everybody! The only place that phrase isn’t an oxymoron is right here at the Playboy Morning Show, and we’ve got the stuff to back it up.

We started today by welcoming back our host with the most, Kevin, from his vacay! Then we got on with the rest of our lives.

We interspersed today’s program with a few helpful “Just the Tip”s about Earth Day (which is today, apparently). We had our lovely models Danielle and Molly come in studio to give us such hints. For example,  don’t give road head in a gas guzzler if the motor’s running, and plant a seed (because it’ll make your ass look good).

We then moved on to Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we give you the skinny on who got naked in public this weekend. It was a good day for Portland’s homeless ladies, who were given the A-OK to panhandle topless, and a not-so-good day for everybody who wants to do their shopping in the nude. That’s still frowned upon.

After that, it was time for the Lowell Down, where we give you our take on what’s going down in the news. If you’re over 230 lbs., be careful on where you tan: it might not happen. Also, if you’re going to do the “condom challenge” (the new meme that’s sweeping the darker corners of the internet), our advice to you is simple: don’t, just don’t do it. Seriously!

Finally, we wrapped up our show today with a segment we like to call “April Showers,” where our smokin’ hot Danielle and Molly do 4 challenges in order to determine how hot their minute-long shower gets to be: a failed challenge makes it colder, and a passed one makes it hotter. They did their best, and kept it at a lukewarm 50 degrees. Ok, wait, that’s actually pretty chilly.

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