Tuesday 4/23/13

Happy Tuesday, folks! We had a real GRAND show for you today (that awful joke will become all-to-clear in just a few moments… read on if you dare)!

We kicked off the show by Skype-ing with Rafe Eric Biggs (PhD), the man whose thumb has become his surrogate penis since an accident left him paralyzed. Rafe gave us the low-down on what a thumb-gasm is like, and we here at the Morning Show are sold. Thumb-gasms all around!

Following that rousing study, we brought in Carter Lay (heir to the Lay’s Chip Company) to talk to Kevin about his snubbing in their recent contest. Carter (wisely) suggested he go to Pepsi. The saga continues. We also brought in Andy Bell (from Nitro Circus) and Jackson Rathbone (of Twilight fame), who (along with Carter) recently participated in a charity race sponsored by Toyota. Although none of them came out on top , we considered them experts enough to have them judge our…Celeb-titty Gran Prix! What’s that? Why, only the most prestigious topless race in all of… sports? Sure! We brought in the hot Charlotte, Woo, and Chelsie to be our race cars and speed around the Mini Mansion, pit stops and all, and see who was the fastest. Chelsie emerged as the clear victor, and was rewarded as only the best racers are: milk! We continued our April Showers with a post-race milk shower, and that closed out our show for the day. We can’t believe we didn’t come up with the milk thing ourselves, that idea rocks.

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