Friday 4/26/13

Happy Friday Morning Show Faithful!! It’s finally the weekend, so let’s get through this recap and we can commence to partying…

We kicked off the show today with a call from our pal Robin Leach from, who gave us the low-down on the finally summer-y strip in Sin City. A new club has finally opened up, that will also double as a restaurant, and other fanciful things that you can check out online.

We moved on to the Week in Sex, where we give you the sexual news from this weird world we live in. Wanna pleasure your lover from across the map? There’s an app for that… almost. It’s in beta, but it might be out soon, AND a 77-year-old woman is being sued for all the money (3.9 million dollars to be approximate) that her jilted lover had been “loaning” her all this time. Riiiiight…

Following all this craziness, we talked to Mr. Skin! He came by to tell us what The Big Wedding, Unfaithful, and Defiance all have in common: boobs. It’s boobs. Check out his site, as always, to stay right up on top of the best parts in the best parts of TV and film.

To close out the show we played a BFF Throwdown! We brought in the lovely Sarah and Amber (who, aside from being gorgeous, also happen to be total besties), to compete against Kevin and Andrea to see really who knew their best friend the best. After a long round of questions, dry erase boards… and some tears, Kevin and Andrea won by DQ and the girls were sent to the showers to continue the April Showers segment in the Mini Mansion. We’re more than doing our part for these may flowers.

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