Tuesday 4/30/13

Tuesday: Boo. Playboy Morning Show: YAY!

We started today off by debunking the most popular questions we receive here on the Morning Show once and for all. Actually, maybe “propagating” is a better word than “debunking”… but, nevertheless, we did talk about them, so give us some credit, sheesh.

After that, we brought in the lovely Hannah, Gigi, and Elise to participate in a round of “Lady and the Tramp Stamp,” where we tried to guess which (if any) of these girls had a lower-back tattoo based on questions we asked them. After a hard line of questioning, the question-mark blinders were taken off and it was revealed that only Gigi had one, even if it was ridiculously tiny, making Kevin the winner!

Then, we moved into the Lowell Down, where we give you the “Low-Down” on what’s going on in the news. A pizza guy who delivered a pizza even after his car was stolen, Australian scientists find that women think men are sexier after 10 days of not shaving, and Dubai police get a new car added to their force: a Ferrari. You can’t make this stuff up, people. Trust us, we’ve tried.

We finished the show today with a little game we liked to call “Create-Your-Own Bicreami.” If that seems confusing, don’t worry it’s quite simple: our three beautiful girls from before came back into the Mini Mansion to test out which creams made the best bikinis. As with all experiments here, this one involved little science and even less clothing, and the results were inconclusive. We sent our subjects away to continue in our April Showers, and get all that stuff off their chests. So to speak.

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