Thursday 5/2/13

Thirsty Thursday is upon us! Repent, all ye sinners, and… read this!

We started off today’s show by talking with Mr. Skin, whose ever-punny, mostly hot content always keeps us entertained. It just wouldn’t be a Mr. Skin minute without SOME mention of Game of Thrones, and he seems to be enjoying the nudity in that new Da Vinci show, so maybe check that out too.

In the studio today, we had Jessica Sutta, the super hot ex-Pussycat Doll, who is embarking on a solo career and is promoting her new single “Again,” which is out on Itunes. She also talked about her career as an NBA dancer, and how the Lakers cut her after the first try-out. Big mistake, Kobe and the gang.

We enlisted the help of the talented Jessica to help a rising star get HIS song off the ground: Jonah Falcon. Jonah happens to have the world’s biggest penis, and is always stopped when going through airport security. His new song is appropriately titled “It’s Too Big,” and Jessica did all she could to help him make the right moves in the future.

Finally, we brought in three lovely ladies: Chrissy, Ericka, and Jenni to play a quick round of Truth or Bare. Jessica helped us out as we tried to guess which one of these ladies slept with her spin class instructor, and who slept with their brand-new Craigslist roommate. After much detective work, we concluded that we’d much rather just see them naked. Case closed.


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