Monday 5/6/13

Happy National Hangover Day! It’s Monday, the Six-o de Mayo, and we’re trucking on through.

We started the day off by going through last week’s Week In Sex! We broke down all the best sexy news stories from the world of last week, and the best news is that we get to do it all again on Friday. It’s all the nudes that are fit to print.

In preparation for our “ComeFukMe Derby,” we talked to a guy on the phone who was at the ACTUAL race, and got some hot tips on how betting works. Let’s see if they pan out…

Following that, we played a little game we like to call Good Naked/Bad Naked. We touched on everything from racing dildos to naked car-jackers to sex on the beach, and doled out judgment based on whether we thought that they were worthy of being nude.

Closing out the show today, we brought in Danielle and Chelsie to be our Jock-ettes, and ride our tiny horses in the “ComeFukMe Derby.” We had the girls name their horses, gave the odds, and let ’em race. Every time their horse’s number was rolled, they got to move ahead. After a tight race, a photo finish revealed Danielle was our grand champion. She got roses and a medal, while Chelsie was forced to eat horse meat. That’s how they do it in Kentucky, right?

photo3 photo2 photo1

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