Tuesday 5/7/13

It’s Tuesday, ya’ll. Let’s get ‘r done.

We started off the show today by celebrating international clitoris week, in this month of masturbation, with a helpful hint about the Greek origin of the word: it means key. Those Greeks, they thought of everything.

We welcomed into the Mini Mansion today, Miss May 2013 Kristen Nicole. We got to know our beautiful blonde California girl even better today, and saw how well she knew herself. We put a new spin on our Playmate body quiz, and threw Kevin and Andrea into the mix as well as we played “Who Knows THEIR Body Best?” We examined close-ups of our Playmate, Kevin, and Andrea to see who could recognize the body part and who it belonged to. It was actually a bit tougher than you’d think… but not that tough.


We also had our Playmate pick numbers off of the lovely Dani, as we did the Playmate Pick Six, where Kristen had the chance to enlighten us a tad on a small facet of her sexual fantasies, proclivities, and activities.


We also had a surprise for our crafty Playmate, who is a huge fan of Bedazzling: we brought in Vajazzling expert Mistey from Sashay Wax in Beverly Hills to “Boobie-Dazzle” our lovely girls Paula, Taylor, and Lindsey, who joined our Playmate and got some new bling bling on their ta-tas.



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