Thursday 5/9/13

Thirsty Thursday can’t be everyday. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it is today! Woo! We also have some other good news, and that is we brought in the very talented Mark Long to guest host while Kevin is hooker-ing it up in Panama. You might remember Mark from Road Rules, but he’s been keeping very busy since then, and we’re super glad to have him in the Mini Mansion with us today. Let’s recap the show quickly, and then commence to drinkin’.

We kicked off the show by continuing to celebrate the clitoris! It is International Celebrate the/your Clitoris Week, and as such, we had some more interesting facts for you. Were you aware that the clitoris is the only human organ designed only for pleasure? Oooh. Or that the average length is half an inch, and the longest ever was twelve inches?? Wow-ee!

Following that, we talked to Mr. Skin on the phone, who gave us the Mr. Skin Minute, and told us what to watch out for on screens both big and small. For instance, some fantastic old school Blu-Rays came out this week, such as “An Officer and a Gentleman,” and “The Grifters.” Check out his website for more (way more) information (and pictures!).


Next, we brought in Jenn Sterger and Suzy McCoppin from the theatrical show “Pieces (of Ass),” to talk about the show’s tenth anniversary run here in LA, and what has kept it the #1 off-broadway show in both NY and LA for so long. If you’re saying, ‘Theater? That’s not my style, dig?’, well first we’d say that you talk an awful lot like a 1970’s pimp, but also that the show features many beautiful ladies talking about what it means to be them. So you should probably check it out.

Finally, it wouldn’t be the Playboy Morning Show without a handful of beautiful women. We brought in Annette (who’s our Cyber Girl of the Month), Hanna, and Julia to play a round of “No Strings Attached.” The girls entered tied together by the straps of their bikinis, and had to take a step apart for every question that they got wrong. They put up a valiant effort, but in the end, the bikinis snapped off, and all was right in the world again.




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