Friday 5/10/13

Happy Friday, folks! The weekend is nigh! Exclamation points!!! Ok, calm down. We still have a few things to do before the weekend. Like this show:

We had the distinct pleasure, no, the HONOR of welcoming back our guest host Mark Long for another fine Morning Show today, and he did a fantastic job of it. Well played, sir.

The only bad news today is that it’s the final day in “Celebrate Your/The Clitoris” week but there’s still time, so get to it! Today, we learned that there’s over 8000 sensory nerve endings in the clitoris, which is double of what is found at the most sensitive place on the penis. Damn son.

Next, we talked to Robin Leach who, as you know, is representing, and he dropped some knowledge on us, Vegas-style. This weekend, there’s a super cool Micheal Jackson show going on, and a new reality series set in Mandalay Bay called “Model Employee.” It’s got guilty pleasure written all over it.

From there, we ran through the Week In Sex, where we broke down what (and who) went down in this crazy world of ours. According to our studies, a woman shot a man (to death!) because he had naked pictures of her, and it only got weirder from there.

To round out this wonderful Friday morning, we brought in the lovely Amber, Sarah, and Miranda to play a little game we lovingly call “Fan-demonium,” where the girls tested their knowledge of college sex survey trivia versus the various levels of fans giving their flowing skirts the Monroe treatment. You can only guess where it went from there.




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